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Jack Horak is a Stockholder in the Hartford office of Reid and Riege where he has worked since 1980. He is a member of the firm's Business Law Practice Area and he is the founder of the firm's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Area. He is a regular contributor to, and editor of, the Reid and Riege Nonprofit Organization Report, a quarterly publication distributed throughout the United States.

Jack has published several articles and editorials on various legal and policy issues in Philanthropy Magazine, the Hartford Courant and the Connecticut Law Tribune. Jack speaks regularly to professional and industry groups within the United States on topics within his practice areas. He recently presented to The American Council of Trustees and Alumni's Conference on Responsible Giving to Higher Education in Washington, D.C. Jack also presented at the PKF North American Niche Fly-In Conference in Chicago and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants National Not-for-Profit Industry Conference in Washington, D.C. Jack also regularly teaches professional education courses at venues throughout Connecticut. He is currently spearheading the effort to adopt a low-profit limited liability company (L3C) statute in Connecticut.


Defending the Charitable Deduction

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

With all the talk of the pending fiscal crisis in Congress, elimination of the charitable deduction has been bandied about as a way to increase revenue. "Defending the Charitable Deduction," an article written by Mr. John Horak, provides a compelling case as to why the charitable deduction needs to be protected. Mr. Horak believes "any attempt to pick the pocket of organizations in the philanthropic sphere will be self-defeating and should be resisted."