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Connect with and educate your allied professionals. Keep those professionals current in an ever-changing industry - all while promoting your organization. Customize the look and feel of the Newsletter content with your logo, styles and colors. Then send to your mailing list.

What is it?

A collection of the most important industry developments, along with insightful, expert commentary, all delivered to your organization's inbox once a month. Simply customize the appearance of the content and send to your mailing list.

Everything we have learned from working with charities and professionals across the nation over the past 35 years has helped inform our commentary, giving both beginners and experts the 'bottom line' on rulings, new laws, recommendations, and much more.

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What does it include?

Selected content: Includes current events, articles, case studies, and speeches & outlines from our full Commentary product, delivered monthly via email. Each item is broken down into a brief summary, detailed analysis, and expert commentary.

Editorial review: Each email will include an overall review of the month's activity.

Republishing rights: Post Newsletter content on your website for up to three months at a time.

How much does it cost?

$495 / year for up to 100 recipients

The cost of the Newsletter is based upon the number of recipients, in quantities of 100. The price starts at $495 per year. Please contact sales@charitableplanning.com for more information.